Free support includes updates to websites and networks are free as long as you have the text ready to upload or images ready and design to upload. We do not do updates and build text or images or any other items that go on your website that arent already done by you. This means if you have images already done like ads or banners we will upload and place them on your website for free. Mod installations are free as long as the mod installs the first time without any problems. If it does not we charge a minimum of $65.00 per hour to edit your mod to work on your website. If your mod fails to install correctly the first time we will contact and let you know it needs custom work to make it install. This does not include custom coding. Custom coding starts at $125.00 an hour. We will let you know first what can be done to a mod before we charge you.

$99.95 A MONTH

Full design of images, error fixing of mods, installations of mods and making sure they work. Designs of images, specials, Re arrange website layouts. Phone support and conferencing.

$299.95 A MONTH

Manager special. Manager special is where we control the website upload any text that you want and data, images, audio video and so on. This does not mean we own the website. You on the website domain, everything. You're just hiring us as the editor and manager of the website. To control it and maintain it. Sometimes to do your shows, your updates, your specials, advertising and promotion. We also maintain your Facebook page, uploading new content and adding likes to the page every month. Likes or a minimum of 1000 per month in liking your Facebook page. We also upload images and Banners to Facebook constantly to keep Facebook page active and drawing more attention to it. You have a full support with a phone number to call anytime that you have questions or you want to add something. You have access to all of our modules for your website. You're streaming, web hosting + MP3 + audio storage + video is all included in this price. We also update and maintain the template and the design of the website yearly. We monitor the domain name the DNS to make sure nothing changes or affects your website, Call us for more details.

$199.95 A MONTH 

includes everything above and editing of mods code, custom installation of mods and testing, support for your clients and members of the community on the website. Direct line for phone support. Error tracing and testing. Free mod installation with bug tracking. Free updates on mods as they come out. ($2,000 value), Free USA mod with zip finder that places members in categories in their states. Free rotating banner ad display and monitoring. Direct line for phone support.