Now Hiring Internet Radio Sales People

At Ohio Broadcasting internet radio sales it's pretty straightforward and very simple to do. As a salesperson, you contact existing internet radio businesses through email or a social network and tell them about our specials.
With over 8 million internet radio stations online there are plenty to contact.

Let's do a quick example:

We have our auctions on eBay if you were to send someone to our auctions using your code you would be paid $100 for every complete radio station website design we sell. We also sell streaming. If you were to send somebody to our website and they want to purchase streaming you would make 10% of that streaming customer per month as long as they're with us. It's not hard to gain 3 to 500 customers in the streaming business. It's actually very simple to do. You're basically sending out emails to potential clients that need internet radio streaming. Most of the time you'll find these clients are looking for better service. They're also looking for a better provider with phone support. We provide all that.

The nice thing about working from your location is you never have to leave your computer chair to contact someone.
As of right now, we are needing five more salespeople.

You will get a training video that walks you through what we do, what we sell and how to manage internet radio.

We design complete internet radio broadcasting websites. These websites broadcast live from any location in the world. So anytime they want to go live on their internet radio, just a couple clicks of the button and they're streaming to the world. Most people think internet radio is hard. We are the provider, we have the servers worldwide, we have the technology and the knowledge to help solve any issue a client will have with their station.

So as a salesperson you're just like that annoying person that knocks on your door trying to sell you something. The only difference between us is we're sending it out to them in an email. You can post it on social networks. You can build your own Facebook page. You can have your own network inside of our Network. If you're looking to make an extra $1500 the $3,500 a month please contact us.

We knock out radio stations pretty quick. One designer can have a radio station up in 3 days depending on what all they want inside the station. You also find that we already have pre-built radio stations ready to go. Most clients like those because they can own it and be broadcasting in a few hours.

So if you're looking for a work from home and make money where the company for you. Over 24 years in the broadcasting business. So if you're interested please contact us today.


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