Hi! To get syndicated you need a great show. If its talk show you have a better chance of reaching millions every week.  If its music then you're fighting a battle of pushing charts to top other stations. Then its all about capital. But low on capital, we always suggest a smackdown marketing package. (SEO - not PR rating) We push your site to other sites that are getting traffic. There also sites you must be connected to get traffic. If your intro is too long, Most people will leave. They want the show and want it now.
So an 8-15 second intro is always best.  My company has been in the internet radio business since 1996. All along the way, things change and your show or station has to adapt to it. You need to find a common ground for your shows that everyone can relate to. That way anyone coming there will want to listen to your shows. Traffic means numbers, - numbers mean advertisers - advertisers mean money - Money means expansion, equipment more DJ's. Then it starts all over again. Your web site needs to be easy for a novice to find the show or player. Syndication means riding on the shirttails of others to gain their traffic. You need a banner exchange, affiliate programs and so on. Online shows take time also. Be prepared for 6 months to a few years of hard work.   The big thing in this business is not to give up!